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Human Cyber Risk

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Upskill To Gain Advantage

We train and equip your workforce to handle the complex phishing attacks and other prevailing cyber threats. Contact us today to fortify your organization's cybersecurity through our Human Cyber Risk Containment service. Your first line of defense starts with an cyber aware workforce!

86% of data breaches are based on compromised employee credentials.

Protect your business and digital assets by proactively reducing the human cyber risk.

Corporate Score Card

Get to know the overall security score of the company. Drill down to pin-point that which employee poses maximum level of threat. Create Gap analysis report and develop a mitigation strategy.

Policy Templates Library

We have several ready-made policies available. Grab a policy template from our vast library and customize it to your need.

Breach Report

Generate live report for employee credentials breach which enables a quicker remediation. In addition you can also set the monitors for any new breach to notify the team to take prompt action.

Phishing Simulation

Onboard users from O365, Google workspace or via csv file. Select and launch phishing email campaign based on skill level. Assess user vulnerability with targeted simulated phishing campaigns.

Awareness Training

There are several ready-to-use video training modules availalbe which could be allocated to listed uesrs and groups w.r.t their phishing simulation report.

Our tailored services enhance the overall security posture of businesses by reducing the attack surface. The security score improves further with employee security awareness services like phishing simulation and other interactive training programs.

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